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Emerald Moving has long been recognized as one of Toronto's very best Local Residential Moving Companies. You don't have to take our word for it. Just Google Emerald Moving Toronto to see for yourself.

We have been extensively reviewed on Homestars.com for several years:

We are very proud of our HomeStars reviews. Unfortunately, we have discovered that HomeStars is no longer a reliable place to find legitimate Moving Company Reviews. We cannot comment on the reviews in other categories on this site but we are certain that the moving category is full of fake reviews. Our suspicions regarding this first arouse in 2009 when we competed hard for the top spot on HomeStars and discovered that some companies that we had seen in action and we knew first hand did not provide what could be called a professional service where receiving 10 star reviews almost on a daily bases and upon our critical reading of those reviews we also noted the same phraseology appeared over and over again in multiple reviews. When we complained to Homestars they dismissed our complaints as "sour grapes". Since then we have cancelled our premium listing on Homestars.com. HomeStars have regularly tried to entice Emerald Moving to re-subscribe to a premium listing on their site and most recently the account agent that contacted us admitted that many of the moving company reviews on the site where in fact not written by customers of those companies and that HomeStars themselves had setup their system in such a way that companies could in fact post their own reviews and make it look like their customers posted those reviews. Such deception is not in keeping with our sensibilities and transparency at Emerald Moving and we will not participate.

We wish we could refer you to an alternative place to read reviews of our services but over the years HomeStars is where we encouraged our customers to review our services so we really have no choice.

Update on the 13th of January 2015: Here is an article printed in the Toronto Star supporting the claim we have made above. However, our contention based on our observations is that it is more likely to be the majority of reviews in the moving section of HomeStars that are fake. What the article does not mention is the systematic surppresion of bad reviews which we also have on good authority is the stock and trade of Homestars.com. Hopefully, some media outlet will eventually decide to do a complete exposé on homestar.com


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